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Marianas UKULELE Festival

About the Marianas Ukulele Festival

The Marianas Ukulele Festival Association (MUFA) is a registered, non-profit organization established in the CNMI in 2014 by Larry Lee and Gordon Marciano. Advisory Board Members include: Joe Limes, Gus Kaipat, Vivian Nogis, Eddie Peter, Gary Sword, Rosemond Santos, Emi Palican, Debbie Winkfield, Ed Johnson, Martin Duenas, Parker Yobei, Mona Celia Mercado, Ray Tebuteb, Jay Fitial, John Tagabuel, and Gloriana Teuira.

MUFA’s mission is: to promote and perpetuate ukulele music and heritage by bringing people of all ages together to share the love of ukulele music; and, to create an avenue for people of all cultures to share the island warmth and Hafa Adai Tirow Spirit through the enjoyment of music and culture.

The Association’s primary focus is to organize and present a free annual ukulele festival in the Northern Mariana Islands that will showcase the various talents of ukulele players in the CNMI, as well as feature ukulele enthusiasts from around the region. Ukulele players and groups from around the world will be invited to perform at the annual festivals. Booths selling local food and drinks, and local art and handicrafts will be present at the festival. Top ukulele manufacturers and distributors will also be invited to showcase and sell their products at the festival.